Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping & online purchases

Do you ship to my country?
Yes! It is our vision to connect people around the world with Travelling Kindness Rocks programs. Therefore, we are open to shipping to folks in all countries. That said, it is important to remember that some postal systems in different countries around the world work at different paces and with different degrees of reliability. Please be mindful of this with respect to the system in place in your country.

How long will it take for my order to arrive in my country?
Within Canada, parcels tend to take less than a week to arrive.
To destination in the USA, shipment takes about 10 business days.
To all other countries, the delivery time varies depending on the postal service in the specific country. For larger parcels, such as our dotting supply kit and set of 9 tools, we send these with a tracking number and by surface to keep costs down. These shipments to the UK and other areas of Europe take about 6-8 weeks. For other countries with less reliable service, it takes 3-4 months. 
One awesome thing to keep in mind is that if you're looking to participate in Travelling Kindness Rocks programs, once the tools and supplies are in your hands you're all set! Purchasing a pattern, participating in the Pattern Club, dotting with others in Global Dotting Time classes, these are all done electronically and instantaneously. No waiting for a shipment to arrive! 

Does my order have a tracking number?
Orders of our set of 9 dotting tools, dotting supply kits, and any other package that is on the large size will have a tracking number.
Typically our set of 7 dotting tools are sent without tracking numbers. This is because to do so would greatly increase the shipping cost, making the shipping price more than the cost of the tools themselves. 

How do I track my order?
Your order fulfillment notice from our computer system contains your tracking number, if you have one. It is located at the top of that email notification. Click on the tracking number to view information about your parcel.

Products & the dotting process

What is the difference between the set of 9 dotting tools and the set of 7 dotting tools?
The set of 7 dotting tools correspond with all of our patterns and programs and are used in our YouTube classes. They are made with wood, other than the metal tip of tool #7, and were designed to be inexpensive to purchase and ship to make our programs and the dotting process accessible to all. 
The set of 9 dotting tools are all made with metal tips, have uniform handle sizes, and a stand for keeping them neat and organized. At this point, no patterns correspond with these tools.
Both tools sets produce great results when partnered with paints of the right consistency.

Where can I buy Travelling Kindness Rocks products?
You can make purchases through the online shop on this website, in person at a Travelling Kindness Rocks event, and at the Travelling Kindness Rocks Shop in Windsor, Nova Scotia, Canada.

I bought a set of 9 dotting tools. Can I use them with your patterns? 
The sizes in the set of 9 dotting tools are somewhat different than the set of 7 dotting tools. With the materials we source for our hand-made sets of tools, there is no way to match up the sizes in the metal tips of the set of 9 with the wooden ends of the set of 7. Some folks try our patterns with the set of 9 with some success. Others find it just doesn't work for them.
If you want to give a pattern a go with your set of 9 dotting tools, your best bet is to do the following:
- Take out the third largest
- Take out the second smallest
With the seven remaining tools, the largest is number 1, the second largest is number 2, and so on.

What kind of paint do you recommend?
The consistency of the paint is key, not the brand or even the type of paint (acrylic versus latex, for example). If the paint is too thick, misshapen dots will form. If the paint is to thin, the edges of the dot will spread outwards, resulting in sets of dots that are not uniform in size. CraftSmart paint is one brand that is just right.


I found a painted rock. Is it a Travelling Kindness Rock?
No. All Travelling Kindness Rocks are mailed directly to a specific person at the request of a loved one. The logo appears on the envelope and a letter explaining the program accompanies the gift. The term Travelling Kindness Rock is trademarked and is only applied to dot mandala stones that flow through this program. Many people around the world financially support the journeys of the Travelling Kindness Rocks the by purchasing products, enrolling in programs, and participating in workshops. Clarity around the term, therefore, is important.