The Travelling Kindness Rocks Company


Ginger - Creator

 Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

My name is Ginger. I make my home in the beautiful Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia, Canada.

I am a trained musician and educator and fell in love with dot painting after exploring the Aboriginal artwork of Australia with my grade 5/6 elementary class. That was in May of 2015. I have since followed my passion and intuition, allowing my paintings into creation and Travelling Kindness Rocks programs, products, and services to blossom.

For the full story of how I developed the Travelling Kindness Rocks concept, click here.

It is exciting to perform many roles as the creator of Travelling Kindness Rocks. I handle everything from website design, running events, communicating with people around the globe on social media, email, and phone calls, creating new programs and products, to packing your order for shipment, purchasing new supplies, and cleaning the paint off surfaces pretty much everywhere I go! I am excited and grateful for my journey with Travelling Kindness Rocks.

For more on my role as Travelling Kindness Rocks Creator, click here.

Steve - Tool Guy

Steve, Ginger's life partner, gifted Ginger with what would be the prototype of our dotting tools for her birthday in August 2015. Months later, Steve's work with construction dried up just as Kristin Uhrig posted her first YouTube video featuring one type of our dotting tools. The rest, as they say, is history as he rather seamlessly moved into the critical role of producing tools for Travelling Kindness Rocks. 

Steve spends his days hand-making sets of dotting tools that travel as far and wide as the Travelling Kindness Rocks themselves. As the demand for his tools increases and more people become involved in Travelling Kindness Rocks, Steve oversees the training and work of those we bring on board to help with tool production.


LUella - Finances

With years of administrative experience, Luella oversees the bookkeeping, tracks funds raised through various initiatives, and handles payroll. She also hand writes the personal notes from those who request a Travelling Kindness Rock for a loved one and addresses the corresponding envelopes.

LIsa - Communications

Lisa is our front line of communications, managing our account, responding to emails, organizing event lists, and responding to Travelling Kindness Rocks requests. With her years of experience in marketing and her in depth understanding of the development of Travelling Kindness Rocks, Lisa plays a critical role in assisting Ginger with planning, promotion, and other aspects of our evolution.


Tina - Graphic Design

Tina is an exceptional graphic designer whose skills enhance numerous aspect of Travelling Kindness Rocks. From the creation of our logo to product design and development, from brochures to business cards, Tina's expertise allows Travelling Kindness Rocks to bloom.

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Sue - Curriculum Developer

Recently retired from the elementary classroom, Sue assists Travelling Kindness Rocks with curriculum package development. Sue is also trained in our pattern process and helps with the production of the written version of our patterns.

Kindness, both giving and receiving,
is an essential ingredient in a life well lived.
May these Travelling Kindness Rocks
bless the maker as much as it has the receiver.
— Recipient, Poughskeepsie, New York, USA