Students Spread the Word with East Coast Lifestyle Gear

East Coast Lifestyle is a popular brand here in Nova Scotia, Canada.  Made popular with the hashtag #eastcoastlifestyle, my students are very familiar with the hoodies and other gear this Nova Scotian company, run by a young entrepreneur, produces.  Most of my kids own one of the hoodies that are identifiable by practically every Atlantic Province citizen from our school in Falmouth to the remotest community in Newfoudnland.  I thought... Hmm... Let's use this scenario to get the word out there about the Travelling Kindness Rocks.

I posed the idea to my grade five and six students:  bring your gear in, put it all around me, take a photo, post it in social media and challenge folks to pass it on.  My kids loved the idea.  We decided to get the other grade five and six class in on the event.  We held "East Coast Lifestyle Day" on Wednesday, December 16.

The kids brought in their East Coast Lifestyle hoodies, we arranged them in a big circle, and I plopped right in the centre, baring a sign to tell the world all about the Travelling Kindness Rocks.  One young guy even had an East Coast Lifestyle hat.  I put it on for the photo.  We didn't even care about the no-hats-on-in-the-school rule!  

My kids insisted:  get that photo on Instagram.  Being of the senior age of above twenty-five, I hadn't made my way on to this social media platform.  But with their insistance, I started an Instagram account for the Travelling Kindness Rocks and posted our East Coast Lifestyle photo.  I posted it to the Facebook group and Twitter account as well.  I made some sort of tracking chart on the white board in our classroom and started to tally activity in social media.  The students dug the whole thing.  We left school wondering how the photo would help the Travelling Kindness Rocks.

The next morning, I excitedly made my way into the classroom to relay to my kids all the social media traffic updates... 79 reposts in Facebook, 22 retweets in Twitter, AND, excitement, excitement, East Coast Lifestyle was now following the Travelling Kindness Rocks!  We were pumped.  My class and I wrote a thank you note to Alex MacLean, CEO of East Coast Lifestyle, and mailed it that same day.

Oh, and most importantly, because of my students' efforts in helping create this photo three more people requested a Travelling Kindness Rock for loved ones who need a little cheer.  I made sure to emphasize that point with my class.  

Because it was the point.