Join the Travelling Kindness Rocks™ Dotting Team

Travelling Kindness Rocks are a symbol of everyone involved, a united gesture of kindness and human interconnectedness. They are painted by volunteers who go through a training process with founder, Ginger.

The evolution of the Travelling Kindness Rocks organization is based on three things developing in parallel: (1) requests for Travelling Kindness Rocks flowing in through our website, (2) funds from sales and events supporting all that is required to run the organization and ship TKRs, and (3) volunteers dotting the Travelling Kindness Rocks.

The volunteer dotters of Travelling Kindness Rocks paint a dot mandala that symbolizes everyone who is involved from around the world. A Travelling Kindness Rock, therefore, is not from a specific person but rather a message of support from us all.


A Travelling Kindness Rocks Dotting team applicant is someone who:

  • Believes in the Travelling Kindness Rocks philosophy and mission, as stated on our landing page.
  • Enjoys dot painting and has experience doing so.
  • Believes in the healing energy that individuals receive when a Travelling Kindness Rock appears unexpectedly through the mail at a time when they need it.
  • Is excited about gifting their creations through the Travelling Kindness Rocks program and will follow the guidelines (see below) to ensure Travelling Kindness Rocks continues to flourish and touch more lives.

If this describes you, continue to read on about the Travelling Kindness Rocks Dotter
training process, which is completely free.

Phase 1: Expression of INterest

Once you have read the information on this page, have an understanding of other Travelling Kindness Rocks programs, and have decided to go through the Travelling Kindness Rocks training process, click on the button below to submit your expression of interest information.

Phase 2: Training & PRactice

Folks who have completed phase 1 will be contacted. They will then be gathered, virtually or in person, for training that will include:

  • A review of the Travelling Kindness Rocks program.
  • Answering applicants' questions.
  • Viewing samples of Travelling Kindness Rocks to clarify the size of the rocks required and expectations for the dotted designs.
  • Practice time with guidance from Ginger, Travelling Kindness Rocks Founder.

After the training session, the applicant spends the time necessary practicing. Once he/she feels that his/her dot mandalas will meet all requirements laid out in the evaluation form, he/she can submit pieces for assessment.

Phase 3: Evaluation

To be evaluated, applicants must email a photo of three samples that meet the following specifications:

  • All are the appropriate size, between 2" and 2.5" in diameter and are less than 1/8" thick
  • At least one is an 8-point mandala
  • At least one is a 6-point mandala
  • At least one is a rainbow mandala (follows the colours of the rainbow, starting in the centre and moving outwards)
  • At least one is predominantly based on one colour and accented by a complimentary colour

The photo must be of clear quality and include an item, such as a coin, for size reference.

The samples will then be evaluated using the rubric, which should be carefully considered by applicants before submitting their work. Click here to view the rubric.

The completed evaluation rubric will be emailed to the applicant as feedback.

An applicant is successful when:

  • All items are checked on the first page of the evaluation form
  • All 3s and/or 4s are highlighted on the rubric and there are no items in the 1 or 2 columns 

If successful, the applicant moves on to phase 4 and the samples will become Travelling Kindness Rocks after phase 4 is complete.

If not successful yet, the applicant is welcome to continue practicing, using the feedback from the evaluation process to guide their work. They are welcome to repeat phase 2 and can resubmit samples for evaluation after one month or more has passed.

phase 4: Joining the team

To officially join the Travelling Kindness Rocks Dotting Team, the applicant now signs and submits the Dotter Agreement. For folks a distance away from Nova Scotia, Canada, this may be signed and submitted along with the samples in Phase 3, in case it is needed. The Dotter's autobiography and digital photo will be posted on the Travelling Kindness Rocks Dotting Team page. After these steps are complete, the Dotter will begin to create dot mandalas as part of the Travelling Kindness Rocks Dotting Team. 

Travelling Kindness Rocks Dotter Team Member Guidelines

 Travelling Kindness Rocks are organized to be mailed with the accompanying letter and notes from the loved ones who made the requests.

Travelling Kindness Rocks are organized to be mailed with the accompanying letter and notes from the loved ones who made the requests.

The Flow of Travelling Kindness Rocks
All requests for Travelling Kindness Rocks come through the Travelling Kindness Rocks website and are responded to and scheduled to be fulfilled. There are a set number of Travelling Kindness Rocks sent out each week, based on available funds earned through sales, workshops, and other program enrollment. Contributing members of the Travelling Kindness Rocks Dotting Team send their finished rocks to the Travelling Kindness Rocks organization centre by mail or deliver in person. These rocks are then matched to requests based on colour and mailed out from the organization centre. The accompanying letter mailed to each recipient states who painted their Travelling Kindness Rock. 

Trademarked Term
The term Travelling Kindness Rock is trademarked. Only rocks that flow through the Travelling Kindness Rocks organization centre are to be named Travelling Kindness Rocks. Only rocks that flow through the Travelling Kindness Rocks centre are to be accompanied by the Travelling Kindness Rocks logo or letter. This is important for the public who support Travelling Kindness Rocks through purchases and involvement in other programs to have a clear understanding of what they are supporting.
Dotters who produce other mandala dot paintings for sale or gifts are not to apply the term, letter, or logo for Travelling Kindness Rocks to these items.

There is no financial compensation for time spent painting, cost of materials, or cost of delivering/sending rocks to the Travelling Kindness Rocks organization centre. 
All contributing members of the team are asked to provide a 100-150 word autobiography and photo for the Travelling Kindness Rocks website. This can include a link to a business website. Other business promotion may occur as photos of Travelling Kindness Rocks are posted in social media and in the newsletter.

Photos in Social Media and the Newsletter
Photos for social media and the Travelling Kindness Rocks newsletter will be taken, organized, and published to show examples of the journeys of Travelling Kindness Rocks, an important component of the program that informs supporters. The first Travelling Kindness Rock by each team member will be acknowledged with a photo and written description published on Travelling Kindness Rocks social media handles and/or newsletter that includes the Dotter's name, general location, and, where applicable, a business link. After the first Travelling Kindness Rock, photos of other rocks by each team member may be included in social media and/or the newsletter. Photos may or may not refer to the name of the Dotter, his/her location, and/or, where applicable, include a business link.

Rock Collection
Is it the responsibility of the team member to be knowledgeable of and follow any rock collecting guidelines and applicable laws.

Number of Travelling Kindness Rocks Contributed
Team members set the amount of Travelling Kindness Rocks they wish to contribute to the program. It is the responsibility of each team member to communicate with organizers when they wish to change this amount. It is expected that each member will contribute a minimum of 3 Travelling Kindness Rocks per month.

Team members are free at any time to stop contributing to the Travelling Kindness Rocks program. They are to communicate this to an organizer as soon as this choice is made. The team member's information will be removed from the website.
If the conduct of a team member is known to not match the intentions of the Travelling Kindness Rocks, his/her dot paintings will no longer be accepted and his/her information will be removed from the website.

About Travelling Kindness Rocks
Team members are to be familiar with Travelling Kindness Rocks programs and stay up to date with developments in the organization. It is important that the mission statement of Travelling Kindness Rocks, shown at the top of this page, resonate with each Dotter as an important mission that they want to be part of. Team members are ambassadors for Travelling Kindness Rocks.

 Travelling Kindness Rocks encircle the Pattern Club design for June, 2017.

Travelling Kindness Rocks encircle the Pattern Club design for June, 2017.

The information on this page is
subject to change without notice