Virtual Pattern Painting Workshop

Learn to dot with a group of your besties from your location with Travelling Kindness Rocks creator Ginger!

How They Work:

  • For a fun-filled evening with family or friends of 6 - 15 people, a Travelling Kindness Rocks Virtual Pattern Painting Workshop teaches participants how to follow Ginger's patterns. If time allows, participants can also apply the learned skills to creating their own, unique dot mandalas during the workshop as well.
  • Determine a workshop coordinator for your group. This is the person who communicates with Ginger and relays workshop plans to participants.
  • The coordinator places the order for the workshop below. The Travelling Kindness Rocks Workshop Kit is then shipped to the coordinator.
  • Once the kit arrives, the coordinator and Ginger schedule a mutually agreeable time for the virtual workshop. 
  • Participants gather at your location for the scheduled workshop which is held through FaceTime or a Google Hangout.
  • Your group keeps the contents of the workshop kit!
Your kit will include a set of our dotting tools and a tray with a cover for each participant.

Your kit will include a set of our dotting tools and a tray with a cover for each participant.

The Workshop Kit Includes PER PERSON:

  • A set of our dotting tools (these also correspond with the patterns in the Pattern Club, Single Patterns, and Pattern Booklets).
  • Practice strips of card stock.
  • Card stock to paint your pattern and other mandalas on.
  • A 10-well tray with a cover.

The Workshop Kit also Includes:

  • Paints, as shown in the photo.

You Provide:

  • An appropriate venue with chairs and tables for your participants, a drying space for your works in progress, a sink for clean up, and you may want to project the live video feed on a screen during the virtual workshop.
  • A fan is helpful to speed up drying time of works in progress.


$70 per person with a minimum requirement of 6 participants and up to a maximum of 15 participants.