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If you have a loved one, near or far, who you'd like to have a free Travelling Kindness Rock sent to, please read this page then complete the form by clicking on the button labelled "Request a Travelling Kindness Rock" found towards the bottom of this page. Travelling Kindness Rocks are sent to people going through a difficult time in their lives with the intention of bringing them some cheer and to symbolize they have the support of the many people who have contributed to the journeys of Travelling Kindness Rocks. 

The current wait list is about 4 weeks from the time your request is received to when your Travelling Kindness Rock is placed in the mail. Shipping times vary and no tracking numbers are used at present. Typically, shipping time is about one week within Canada, two weeks to a location in the United States, and between two and four weeks to other countries throughout the world.

A Travelling Kindness Rock poses for a photo at Newport Landing, which is posted in social media before it travels to bring kindness.

A Travelling Kindness Rock poses for a photo at Newport Landing, which is posted in social media before it travels to bring kindness.

Photos are taken of each Travelling Kindness Rock and posted in social media, stating the final destination. No names or circumstances are mentioned. The Travelling Kindness Rocks are then mailed from Hants County, Nova Scotia, Canada. In the letter they receive, the recipients of Travelling Kindness Rocks are invited to post a photo and/or comment in any of the project's social media platforms.

Please note that by completing the form your name is added to the newsletter mailing list.  The newsletter is used to pass on inspiring stories related to the Travelling Kindness Rocks and other updates.

Once your request is received, you will be sent a confirmation email.


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Recipient's Address
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We may be miles apart, but a little kindness
travels a long way in a weary world to bring
a ray of sunshine to those of us who need it.
— Natty, Recipient, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom