Patterns - Singles

The following patterns allow others to replicate the dot mandalas using the system of instructions and dotting tools we created. You'll find a few free patterns on on this page and a free instructional video if you click here.

All instructions correspond with our set of 7 dotting tools, which you can find for purchase on the Dotting Supplies page.

Free Patterns

Patterns with Hashtags

  • DOT your copy of the mandala
  • Do an ACTION related to the topic (if applicable)
  • POST a photo showcasing your action (if applicable) and completed mandala, using the indicated hashtag
  • FOLLOW the hashtag as others do the same

Global Dotting Time Mandalas

Patterns used in past Global Dotting Time events are also available in
combination with the video broadcast. Click here.

For details about upcoming Global Dotting Time events, click here.

Mandalas inspired by the season

Community Mandalas / Mandalas from Special Events

Past pattern Club & Fundraising mandalas

Big, Fun, and Challenging mandalas

just because we love to dot