We are glad you're here and invite you to get involved in Travelling Kindness Rocks,
a growing global community of individuals, schools, and groups connecting and supporting each other.

Travelling Kindness Rocks Mission


What is a Travelling Kindness Rock?

A Travelling Kindness Rock™ is a small dotted mandala stone that is mailed at the request of a loved one to an unsuspecting someone anywhere in the world who needs kindness. There is no cost to the loved one who requests the Travelling Kindness Rock or to the recipient. Travelling Kindness Rocks are painted by volunteer team members and postage is paid for using funds raised through other Travelling Kindness Rocks programs and sales. The intent is to connect people all over the world in a gesture of support and kindness, with the dots of the mandala painted on the stone representing all of us involved in this offering.

Travelling Kindness Rocks is Also...

Travelling Kindness Rocks is also the name of a growing global community of folks, young and young at heart, who help these special rocks make their important journeys through spreading the word, following on social media, and purchasing Travelling Kindness Rocks items. As Travelling Kindness Rocks evolved, founder, Ginger LeBoutillier, also developed a system of step by step written instructions partnered with corresponding dotting tools that allows people everywhere to replicate the same dot mandala. Individuals, community groups, and schools around the world are invited to use this process not only to experience the fun, relaxing past time of painting dot mandalas, but as a symbol of unity and connection.

Travelling Kindness Rocks have been received in the following locations

Created by Ginger LeBoutillier

Bachelor & Masters of Education
Reiki Master & Theta Healer

Travelling Kindness Rocks grew out of work in Ginger's elementary classroom.
She developed her dotting tools, techniques, and instructional pattern system as well as
all Travelling Kindness Rocks programs through inspiration and exploration.