Christmas Gift Ordering Deadline

Order by December 6th to receive your purchase(s) before Christmas within Canada and USA.

All purchases support the journeys of the free Travelling Kindness Rocks.

Gifts Packages to Get Your Loved One Dotting

Learn through our YouTube videos, video lessons available through our website, or participate in a Global Dotting Time event. 
For your loved one, this could be the start of a joyful, creative pastime
and an introduction to the growing global Travelling Kindness Rocks dotting community.


Pattern Club Membership Gift Packages

About the Travelling Kindness Rocks Pattern Club


Your loved one will be one of many people around the world dotting the same mandala pattern for fun, to connect, and in support of charities. The instructions for the first of 12 patterns will be emailed to him/her in January.

Pattern Club members have the opportunity to win monthly prizes, receive 15% off select other patterns online, and connect with members on social media as photos around the world are posted.

$1 per month from every Pattern Club membership fee is donated to the charities we support.