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Global Dotting Time

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Get your dotting supplies and join in around the globe with Ginger, creator of Travelling Kindness Rocks and experienced educator, as we simultaneously paint one of her patterns.

A Wish for 2018

Date: Saturday, December 30th
Broadcast time: 2:00 pm AST
YouTube Link:

Materials Needed:

  • Set of 7 dotting tools (available here)
  • Surface to dot on 6" x 6" or larger (black card stock works great)
  • Paints: white, black, aqua, light turquoise, turquoise, light green, lime green
  • Paper towel
  • Hair dryer

The Inspiration:

The colours of "A Wish for 2018 Mandala" are based on the Fung Shui colours for 2018. Green shades symbolize the element of wood and the blue and black represent the element water. These are to bring balance to the surplus of the Earth element, which is the main Chinese element of 2018.


Special Guest Dotter

Ginger will be joined by Mary Moore of Serenity Glows Holistic Healing. Mary is Ginger's Reiki and Theta Healing trainer. She provides a variety of healing modality services and has been an important element in the evolution of Travelling Kindness Rocks.

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