Connecting Humanity dot by dot

Global Dotting Time

Live streamed free youtube classes

Get your dotting supplies and join in around the globe with Ginger, creator of Travelling Kindness Rocks and experienced educator, as we simultaneously paint one of her patterns.

With special guests the Gator Middle Level Dotting Club
of Central Kings Rural High School


REmembrance 2017 Mandala

Wednesday, November 8th
6:30 - 8:30 PM, Atlantic Standard Time

Live streaming YouTube link:


  • Set of 7 Travelling Kindness Rocks dotting tools
  • Something to paint on - black card stock or a rock works well, finished piece is about 5" x 5" (budget a little extra space)
  • Paints: white, black, light grey, grey, dark grey, bright red, dark red
  • Paper towel
  • Hair dryer or fan for speeding up drying time between layers of dots

Get geared up!

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