Global Dotting Time


What is Global Dotting Time?

Using live YouTube broadcasting, people around the world join together to simultaneously dot a mandala. Travelling Kindness Rocks creator and experienced educator, Ginger, leads young and young at heart, new and experienced dotters through the process, step by step.

The Symbolism

Humans in numerous cultures have created mandalas in different forms for millennia. They can mean various things, including the organization of a community. That's us! A global, peaceful community that transcends borders. Step into the space of Global Dotting Time and connect with others around the world.

What you need to take part

We use the instructional pattern process and corresponding dotting tools created by Ginger. You will need our set of 7 dotting tools, available for purchase through our online shop. Other necessary materials are listed for each Global Dotting Time event.

Also, be sure to check and compare your time zone for an accurate start time.

New dotters and young dotters welcome!

Ginger creates each pattern for Global Dotting Time so that new and young dotters alike will be successful. The recommended age is about 9 and up. Ginger has taught thousand of people, in person and virtually, the process of making dot mandalas. It is her goal that all feel successful and enjoy the experience.