Together, we learn the joy of dotting in a workshop to support our cause.

A Travelling Kindness Rocks workshop is all about folks learning the enjoyable, creative pastime of dotting mandalas while supporting your cause and the global giving of Travelling Kindness Rocks. Participants can range in age from 6 to 96. They walk away from the workshop with 2 or 3 completed dot mandalas and all the skills and information to continue the dotting fun on their own.


Raising Funds
We will charge $40 per adult and $30 per youngster (plus tax) and split the profit evenly after deducting any necessary costs for the venue. Participants will purchase their spot(s) in the workshop-fundraiser on a page set up here on the Travelling Kindness Rocks website. Tickets are non-refundable but folks can transfer their seat to another person if they are unable to attend the event. I will maintain a workshop participant list and contact information.

Time Frame
Allow 2.5 hours for the dotting fun. An hour is needed prior to the start of the event for set up and approximately 45 minutes is needed after the event for clean up.

A venue that accommodates the number of participants, including tables and chairs, an appropriate space for projecting my computer (ie. a screen or pale-coloured wall), and ample space for drying works in progress is needed. Generally, booking the venue is taken care of by your organization and connects in some way to your cause, if applicable (ie. a school hosting the event for a school-based fundraiser). 

For a workshop-fundraiser to be successful, we will need participants! (A minimum of 20 is required.) It is important that your organization promotes the event to your supporters. The event will be publicized on the Travelling Kindness Rocks website and social media platforms for you to share with your supporters.

For more information and/or to book a workshop-fundraiser,
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I look forward to connecting with you!