Non-Profit Organizations Pattern Club Membership


Does your non-profit organization provide programs for the community you support? The Travelling Kindness Rocks Pattern Club offers membership for non-profit organizations to use as part of their programming. Gathering your folks together to paint the pattern of the month is a creative, relaxing outlet that supports charities and offers the opportunity for your organization to connect with Travelling Kindness Rocks Pattern Club members around the world.

The process and tools in this program are patent-pending and were developed through Travelling Kindness Rocks creator, Ginger, and her partner, Steve's exploration and inspiration.

Pattern Club Fee
For the Pattern Club, a new dot mandala pattern is published once a month and emailed to your coordinator. Your organization has the rights to reproduce and use the patterns within your branch of your organization. Non-profits can pay for 12 months of patterns for $144 CAN or purchase 6 months of patterns for $72.

Support Charities Around the World
Travelling Kindness Rocks Pattern Club supports one charity a month. $1 from every individual Pattern Club participant's pattern cost is donated to the charity. $3 from each non-profit organization's Pattern Club fee is donated as well. Your organization will have input into the selection of charities when you enroll.


Materials Needed
To hold pattern painting events at your facility, you will need the following supplies:

  • Sets of our dotting tools that correspond with the patterns. More on that below.
  • Paints. Acrylics work great.
  • Something to paint the patterns onto. Black card stock paper is inexpensive and works wonderfully.
  • Paper towel for wiping the tools after and in between use.

Cost of the Dotting Tools
Patterns correspond specifically with our dotting tools. Like a knitting pattern or paint by number, you follow the steps in the design, using a specific tool from the set and certain colours to replicate the design. Your organization can choose how many sets of tools you'd like to purchase, depending on what will work for dotting events at your facility. The cost of the tools are:

Looking for a way to cover the cost of tools and pattern Club Membership? Why not host a travelling Kindness Rocks fundraiser to cover the cost! Details here.

  • 1 - 4 sets = $20 CAN each
  • 5 - 14 sets = $17.50 CAN each
  • 15+ sets = $15 CAN each

Instructional Videos
A free video demonstrating how to use the patterns is now available. Click here!
When you enroll your organization, you will also have the option to add in access to instructional videos for an additional $35 CAN. These videos are designed to teach folks how to create their own dot mandala designs. This may be something you'd like to offer as a program as well. The instructional videos can be viewed as many times as you'd like within your facility. 

Enroll you organization below or email if you have any questions about the Pattern Club.