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Mandalas painted by students in a beginner workshop.

Mandalas painted by students in a beginner workshop.

More Workshops to be booked Soon!

Throughout the last 3 months, I have travelled to many locations throughout the province of Nova Scotia facilitating workshops. I will soon create a new workshop tour schedule and hope you will join the dotting fun! 

If you are interested in participating in an upcoming workshop in your area, please fill in the form below. I will email you when a workshop in your region is scheduled.

Workshops can also be scheduled for your organized group. This could include a group of your besties, a wellness event for corporations or non-profit organization, or a fundraiser for your cause. For details on group bookings, click here

If you are part of a school, check out the School Visits page for information on presentations and workshops for students of all ages. Inservicing for staff is another possible format.


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This style is stress free and the choices are limitless.
I will be sharing your workshops and spreading the news with my co-workers.

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