Dotting Tools & Supplies

Inspired by and listening to my intuition, I developed my dotting methods, tools, and pattern concept. My handy life partner, Steve, gave me what would be the prototype of our tool sets for my birthday the summer of 2015, just a couple months after I began dotting. Today, as Travelling Kindness Rocks quickly grows, we are expanding the team of people helping us produce our dotting tools and are blessed to say that our tools have travelled to as many countries as the Travelling Kindness Rocks themselves.

Combo packages that include membership into the Travelling Kindness Rocks Pattern Club and instructional videos are also available. You can find details on these options on the Pattern Club page and the Video Lessons Page.

To all who purchase our hand-made dotting tools, which supports the journeys of the free Travelling Kindness Rocks, thank you! I hope they lead to many enjoyable hours of dotting and, if you wish, participating in the ever evolving Travelling Kindness Rocks programs.

- Ginger
Travelling Kindness Rocks Creator