There’s a moment in your life, when you’re getting ready to step into a new place. In that place you should be so scared that there is a little pee running down your leg.

— Iyanla Vanzant

My journey is filled with moments when I’m stepping into a new place. It’s never easy. I’m often scared. Yet, I’ve made the step time and time again and know that there will be many more such moments on the road ahead.

Connecting the Dots: Breast Cancer and Travelling Kindness Rocks

“Ginger, there is a 50% chance you carry the BRCA gene mutation.”

In the tiny meeting room of the Maritime Human Genetics Centre, listening to the genetics counselor, I feel myself at a crossroad on my life's journey.

“If your blood work comes back positive for the BRCA mutation, you have an 85% chance of developing breast cancer and a 65% chance of developing ovarian cancer in your lifetime,” she continues.

2015: The Year I Learned to Hug

2015:  The Year I Learned to Hug

You're likely thinking that as a person who sends free painted rocks around the world and actively promotes kind deeds that I am the touchy-feely type.  Yes, that would make sense.  However, I'm known for my awkwardness with and avoidance of hugging.  When the time came to pick a focus for 2015, a New Year's resolution that would propel me to a better self, I decided to work on my hugging skills.

Students Spread the Word with East Coast Lifestyle Gear

Students Spread the Word with East Coast Lifestyle Gear

East Coast Lifestyle is a popular brand here in Nova Scotia, Canada.  Made popular with the hashtag #eastcoastlifestyle, my students are very familiar with the hoodies and other gear this Nova Scotian company, run by a young entrepreneur, produces.  Most of my kids own one of the hoodies that are identifiable by practically every Atlantic Province citizen from our school in Falmouth to the remotest community in Newfoudnland.  I thought... Hmm... Let's use this scenario to get the word out there about the Travelling Kindness Rocks.