School Visits

As the 2016-2017 unfolded, numerous Travelling Kindness Rocks workshops for students of all grade levels were held in schools across Nova Scotia, facilitated by founder and experienced educator, Ginger. Fueled by the positive response from these visits and a growing interest from educators from outside of Nova Scotia in Travelling Kindness Rocks programs and our dot mandala system, curriculum packages are rolling out in time for the 2017-2018 school year. Now a visit to a school can be just the beginning of students learning through dot mandala painting and connecting to Travelling Kindness Rocks. Be sure to take a look through this page and the Curriculum Package page to decide how your school would like to get dotting and connecting with others around the globe... all while addressing learning goals, of course.

In-Person visits

Grade 5 students dot the Canada 150 mandala.

Grade 5 students dot the Canada 150 mandala.

A Travelling Kindness Rocks school visit can include the following:

  • workshop for class(es)
  • whole school assembly presentation
  • inservicing for staff

For now, all visits to schools are facilitated by founder, Ginger.

Ginger's qualifications and experience: 

  • Nova Scotia Teaching License, ATC1
  • Bachelor of Education
  • Masters of Education (Leadership)
  • 11 years teaching in Nova Scotia public schools
  • A decade of private piano instruction
  • Teaching ages 4 to 84, a variety of learning styles, and a range of abilities


  • $250 for a day + $25 for each class or staff group that participates in a workshop (plus tax). This covers all materials other than rocks. The workshop can be done without rocks or the school may decide to provide rocks for the workshop. In the case of the latter, a sample letter is available to send home with participating students to help with appropriately collecting rocks for the event.
  • $0.20/km travel expenses for schools more than 65 km away from one of my home bases of Brooklyn, Hants County, and Woods Harbour, Shelburne County. Arranging a group of schools to be visited within a few days of each other is an option to allow for schools a distance away to have a visit.
Mi'kmaq Star mandala pattern painted by grade 5 students.

Mi'kmaq Star mandala pattern painted by grade 5 students.

A visit to your school includes: 

  • A combination of workshops and/or presentations. 
  • A package of materials for participating teachers that includes activities aligned with current learning expectations and outcomes and assessment materials.
  • An invitation to connect your school's giving work with Travelling Kindness Rocks social media platforms.

Looking for a way to cover the cost of a school visit, bulk order of tools and dotting supplies, and/or curriculum packages? Check out the information on our fundraising workshops, which your school could host in an evening for your community members.

Suggested Student Workshop Time Frames:

Grades Primary, P/1, and 1:    35 minutes
Grades 1/2, 2, 2/3:                  45 minutes
Grades 3, 3/4, 4:                     75 minutes
Grades 4/5 through to 12:     120 minutes

Time Frames for Staff Inservicing:

Half or whole day inservicing is possible and will include training staff members to use our dotting tools, follow our dot mandala system and instructions, and exploring one ore more of our curriculum packages, depending on time. Schools can split a full day visit between a half day inservice for staff and a half day of workshops and/or presentations for students.

Questions? Want to book a visit?

You are welcome to use the form below to contact us to set up a school visit. Questions can be directed to

Virtual School Visits

If distance is a factor, let Travelling Kindness Rocks founder, Ginger, facilitate a workshop for your class(es) virtually.

Each student will need:

  • One of our set of 7 dotting tools which correspond to all Travelling Kindness Rocks patterns, curriculum packages, and are used in our workshops. Bulk orders are available here.
  • Piece of paper towel
  • Small piece of black card stock for dot warm up activity 
  • Something to dot on, such as black card stock, that is slightly larger than the size of the finished project
  • Paints of the appropriate consistency - CraftSmart paint works great

The classroom teacher(s) will need:

  • Technology for the virtual visit - we will test this ahead of time
  • To determine the dot mandala pattern we will dot during the session
  • A hairdryer or two in the classroom to dry dots at certain points in the process
  • Paint trays for students


For schools that purchase 21 or more of our set of 7 dotting tools, the cost is $100 + tax for a virtual classroom workshop.

To coordinate a virtual visit, contact