Travelling Kindness Rocks

The dots in the mandalas of all Travelling Kindness Rocks
programs represent the individuals involved.
Together we create something magical and meaningful...


Created by Ginger LeBoutillier

Bachelor & Masters of Education
Reiki Master & Theta Healer

Travelling Kindness Rocks grew out of work in Ginger's elementary classroom.
She developed her patent-pending tools, techniques, and pattern concept as well as
all Travelling Kindness Rocks programs through inspiration and exploration.


Travelling Kindness Rocks

Together, we send healing to individuals around the world.

A Travelling Kindness Rock is a small dotted mandala stone that is freely sent to an unsuspecting someone who needs cheer, all at the request of a loved one. They bring a gesture of kindness to people battling an illness, grieving, or going through other difficult life transitions.

Postage of these mandalas is paid for with a portion of funds earned from all other Travelling Kindness Rocks programs. They are a symbol to recipients that they are not alone on their journey.

Travelling Kindness Rocks began in September 2015. To date, more than 500 Travelling Kindness Rocks have been sent and they have been received by individuals in 19 countries.


Other Programs and Services

Pattern Club
Together, we dot the same mandala in support of a charity.
Join other people around the globe in dotting the same mandala as a symbol of support for the chosen charity of the month.

Community Mandalas
Together, we paint our mandala and celebrate our shared history, places, and people.
Increase spirit and pride of your geographic region or organization when a mandala is designed for your community and then your members come together to each paint a copy.

Together, we learn the joy of dotting in a workshop to support our cause.
Learn the techniques and skills to start the relaxing and fun hobby of creating dot mandalas while raising money for your cause.